Thursday, March 19, 2009

Riding along on a pushbike, honey!

Well, here it is - the new bike I'm going to buy, I decided today. It's a Malvern Star Atlantis hybrid. I've been looking at bikes on and off the last few weeks, sat on lots, kicked a few tyres, and nothing has felt as instantly right and comfortable and "me" as this one. It was love at first sight for me and my arse. :)

All this has come about because I'm not going to be able to keep the little red Repco for much longer. My friend wants it back, so next time I see her I need to return it. Meanwhile, my new bike is going to have the gear on it I want, such as a pannier and a simple trip computer. Since I'm never going to be a Lance Armstrong wannabe, and I haven't got the space (or the money!) to have one each of mountain, road and hybrid bikes, then a hybrid seems like the ideal compromise. I want to be able to use it for fitness AND for incidental exercise/riding to the shops for a coffee in the morning. I want to be able to carry a few groceries on it sometimes.

But the other reason I'm doing this is because I saw my new Dr Nutcase/psychologist the other day and the main thing I took away from it all was the need for thought reframing. My task for the next fortnight is to, rather than getting up in the morning and thinking, "Oh, crap, I've got to caption. God, I HATE THIS! I can't stand it for ONE MORE DAY!!!", which only leads to me feeling even worse about my situation, I need to think, "This is a means to an end while I improve my financial situation and make other positive changes to my social life." Or, "Every day I do this is one less day I have to do this." And the other thing is EFMH - Exercise For Mental Health. Exercise is also a means to an end. If it helps me get fitter and lose weight, those are side benefits, but the main reason I need to re-commit to it is because it makes me feel better about pretty much everything in my life. And I'm not going to do it because it wins me approval from others or because I'm trying to impress anyone, etc - I'm doing it because I must, because it's going to make day to day life easier for me. And there is no higher purpose than that for me at the moment. That is THE biggest thing.

But today I also decided to recommit to starting to put food back into the proper place in my life. At the very least, it's not to be used as a reward to get me through a day of work. There has to be other nice things I can do for myself that don't involve eating.

Till next time, dear blog...

Deb xox


  1. Your Dr Nutcase sounds smart. i like that thought reprogramming thing. I may have to integrate that in order to get back on track...

    Your bike looks great. Will we see it in Daylesford? :o)

  2. I hope so, Kylie. Depends on the gods of finances right now.

  3. Deb... wishing you well with getting the new Bike ... you so deserve it ..I am allways here if you need anything.. Berys xxx