Thursday, March 26, 2009

Small victories

Just stopping by, dear blog, to report that I've gone two whole days without extra junk food bingeing. Hey, it might not sound like much, but if those two days can turn into four, then six, then a week, then two weeks, that's how habits get changed. And I know this means I can do it again. :) It doesn't mean I've eaten perfectly for the past two days. I've done pretty well, though it's been a bit erratic and here and there. But my aim was not to get the extra crap, and I haven't, so that's a great start! Let's make it three tomorrow!


p.s. I have to face my PT tomorrow. EEEEEP!




  2. Deb as you say small victories turn into larger ones ..take one Day at a Time like you are doing is not a race ..but you will succede sending Love Berys